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Maisy's ABC (SOLD)

NEW Hardback Picture Book : Maisy's ABC by Lucy Cousins
Like many other ABC books, this one shows the upper and lower case versions of the letters. It has the added attraction of pull-tab and lift-the-flap elements. So, we see a dolphin for the letter D and when we pull the tab, the dolphin leaps out of the water. There are some interesting word choices here. N is for nose and O is for ostrich, but it is always interesting to see how letters such as U, V, W, and X are handled. Lucy Cousins has made them all part of a spread that features musical instruments—ukelele, violin, whistle, and xylophone. Final letters Y and Z are represented by a yoyo and zebra; here, both Maisy and the zebra are playing with yoyos.
Engaging illustrations complement this colorful romp through the alphabet. While this is a basic alphabet book in concept with one pictured word per letter, Cousins plays with the format to occasionally combine a few creatures together in one place—in alphabetical order, of course! For example, one particularly vibrant spread shows Rabbit and Snake riding on a Train. This book will be a welcome addition for Maisy fans and young alphabet learners.
Publisher : Walker Books
List Price : 7.99pounds
Selling Price : RM33.00
Code : WK36

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