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Maisy, Charley and the Wobbly Tooth (SOLD)

NEW Paperback Picture Book : Maisy, Charley and the Wobbly Tooth by Lucy Cousins
On his first trip to the dentist, Charley gets lots of moral support from Maisy and friends in a full-length story readers will be eager to sink their teeth into.
Maisy's friend Charley has a wobbly tooth! He's going to the dentist for the first time, and he's a little nervous. Luckily, Maisy, Tallulah, Eddie, and Cyril are happy to accompany their toothy friend to the dentist's office, where they make some fun discoveries: a twirly chair that goes up and down, a special cup to spit in, and a proper tooth-brushing demonstration. Charley gets an x-ray, a smiley button, and a book to take home, but what will happen with his wobbly tooth?
Publisher : Walker Books
List Price : 4.99pounds
Selling Price : RM21.00
Code : WK35

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