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Children's Book Giveaway by Little Red Reading Nook

Little Red Reading Nook has a NEW look! We just had a make-over and we are hoping you like it as much as we do!
So, we are feeling very generous and would like to give away some prizes....

The winner will be selected randomly ( so the higher the number of entries you have, the better the chance of you winning.

To take part in this give-away, complete the following items:
For 1 entry
Follow this blog and/or become a fan of Huiwearn Kids Store on Facebook - 
For 1 entry
Link us to your blog by adding to your blog list
For 1 entry
Add Little Red Reading Nook's new blogshop banner (logo) to your blog sidebar
For 3 entries
Blog about this give-away. In your blog post, pls include the giveaway banner above and make sure you place a link back here.
Leave a comment here with what you have completed. Include your permalink to your blog if applicable. If you prefer, you can also email me your entries : hwtuan[at]hotmail[dot]com.

Grand prize : Maisy's Home & Garden Pop-up & Play Book 
Selling price at major bookstores RM79.90. This is the most expensive children's book in my blogshop - my selling price : RM58.00. Click on link above to read full description of this interesting book.

Special BONUS prize (If over 100 entries are received for this giveaway) : Children's Book Hamper
Best blog entry: Hello Kitty Mystery Gift Hamper sponsored by Huiwearn Kids Store
So what are you waiting for? Get those entries in QUICK! 
Dateline : 3rd March 2010


Hanz said...

Hi there! Joining in this contest. I have...
* Follow your blog
* Paste the blog banner in my blogshop:
* Add your blogshop under my shopping spree bloglist :

oYa said...



My love, I will come to you... said...
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wansteddy said...

dah join ;)

segalanyer kuterima... said...

Kinah join..

My love, I will come to you... said...

join again


taufidris said...

bro join

syakila said...

i joining..

Wisdom said...

Hi there,

Already join this contest. Please visit my blog:


ogy said...


juniza said...

Hi there,

Already join this contest. Please visit my blog:

inasepi said...

Hi there,

Already join this contest. Please visit my blog:

inahasan said...


izan cute said...

ieyza said...

haii....already join ur giveaway


Azwah said...

I'm a follower now..

ApasH said...


this is my entry link

to check my bloglist u can check at


Nadra Farissa said...

Hi there,
I had..
*follow this blog
*Include your banner at my side bar
*Include your blog in my bloglist under Fun Contest
* Wrote an entry about this giveaway here:


ummu humaira said...

Hello there,

I already:

1. include your blogshop banner under my Online Shops.
2. insert your blog in my bloglist under Jom Shopping

Visit me at:

Shareen Mohd Saleh said...

Hey there

First of all, awesome layout. It's teh purty LOL. I figured I might as well take advantage of your promo and have done the following:

- followed your site
- post about the giveaway, including your banner and a link to this page @

Anyways, keep up the good work ^___^

mama zharfan said...

hi there,

-I have followed ur blog
-I'm now ur fb fan
-I have added ur blog to my blog list
-I have put ur blog shop banner at my blog side bar
-I've blogged about this giveaway:


NUNU said...

i had already join.
followed ur blog -->done
i am your facebook fan
add your blog to my blog list
Link your blog shop banner at my blog rightside bar
and finally i have blogged about this give away...

Aimy said...

Hi..already join..

thanks yea!!!

Rozy said...


My submission for this great givaway!!

-been ur follower
-added your banner
-included ur bloq in my J.O.M.S.O.P.I.N. bloglist.

zaidah said...

i already join...thank you

anin said...

i have done all

giddy tigress said...

I'm a fan of Huiwearn Kids Store on Facebook.
I've linked your blog on
Added the blogshop banner.
Blogged about this contest:

je@ said...

Hi there.. I have joined the contest.

1) registered as your followe
2) added your banner
3) added the link
4) blogged about the entry..

Collin said...

Hi...just joined the contest! I have...

1. Followed this blog and become a fan of Huiwearn Kids Store on Facebook
2. Added your blog's URL to my blog list
3. Added Little Red Reading Nook's new blogshop banner to my blog sidebar
4. Blogged about this give-away here:

fiza said...

Hi!, already join, pls visit my blog (^_^)

TQ ☺☺

diLa said...

hi!! i've join too..pls visit my blog :D

tq so muchieee!!

Momma Mia said...

Hai dear! i've joining this giveaway. I hv
>> follow ur blog

>> adding in my blog list

>> Add Little Red Reading Nook's new blogshop banner (logo) to your blog sidebar

>> Blog about this give-away + add banner in my blog post at

thanks dear!!

Mommy Lyna said...

im in!

all done!

my blogpost will be up at 2.30pm


Nida said...

Hi..I would like to join.

Wish me luck :)

Sha-Sha said...

Hi, I've followed, added to bloglist, blogged too at..

Wish me luck too :)

sue said...


check my entry & my bloglist yaa

nurKN said...


just joined this contest

-being ur follower.
-fan of Huiwearn Kids Store Books Toys More.
-put ur blog into my bloglist.
-added ur new banner at my sidebar.
-posted an N3 about this contest.


Aja said...


I would like to join this giveaway..

1) Follow & fan of Huiwearn Kids Store on Facebook
2) Added into my favourite blog list.
3) Added Little Red Reading Nook's new blogshop banner (logo) into my blog sidebar
4) posted an entry about children's book giveaway with giveaway banner..

Visit my blog :

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've completed all the items that you've listed. Followed yr blog and am a fan on FB. Pls visit my blog at
I'd love to win your give-away for my daughter who's 5. She LOVES reading!

aFRiNa-BaTRiSy!A said...

> hi, there..
> already join this contest n competed all the items
> do log on

Nurul + Nordin said...


I'm joining too...

Asya said...

Dah join... sila terjah yer:-


anummss said...

Me 2....!!!


::Mamalyna:: said...

hi, i join link i...

tq so much

aiDieNa said...

Hi.. joining your giveaway..

- I've followed.
- Added your link to blogshop list
- Added your banner to my sidebar column
- Also a special entry on it at my blog:-

AYU IDRIS said...

Hello!I'm visit my n3 about this giveaway

sue said...

hai, nak join

sudah follow, add link & banner, buat entry

Em's Family said...


Im joining too

thanks :)

Syigim said...

hi hui wearn!

count me in! :)

dbalkis said...


Managed to publish the last minute entry.. Please visit my place ya..

vTec N girL said...

Hii..already joining ur contest..

I already...

1-follow ur blog
2-link ur blog at my blog list
3-blog about this giveaway


temp. housewife said...

Hi Hui wearn,
I hope it's not too late to join your giveaway.

I'm submitting 3 entries there.