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Welcome to the Zoo (SOLD)

NEW Board Book : Welcome to the Zoo by Alison Jay
English illustrator Alison Jay creates a zoo without the usual barriers between the animals and their visitors. When the zoo opens, people swarm the entrance where beaks, trunks, and heads of curious animals peek out from hedges and trees as they observe the approaching humans. 
The oil paintings reward close attention with amusing visual details and small wordless dramas that carry through from page to page. Jay’s signature style is clearly in evidence here, not only in the people’s dainty limbs extending from elegantly elongated bodies with ballooning torsos and skirts, but also in the paintings’ crackled-varnish finish. The closing pages feature seek-and-find games that will send children hunting through the pages once again. This nearly wordless picture book is an engaging choice
Publisher : Templar Publishing
List Price :4.99pounds
Selling Price : RM20.00
Code: TP07

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