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Alison Jay's Nursery Collection (SOLD)

NEW Board Book Gift Set : Alison Jay's Nursery Collection

Discover the alphabet and first numbers in these two lavishly illustrated board books, available together in a beautiful slipcase. Such a stylish addition to any nursery bookshelf.
In Alphabet, a fantastic alphabet adventure awaits you through Alison Jay’s stunning, crackle-glazed illustrations. What appear at first to be quite simple images, draw the reader into their finer details and the clues which lead the next letter.
In Counting, take a magical journey to dreamland, from one to ten and back again. In this enchanting counting adventure, follow the dreams of a sleeping girl and meet favourite characters from fairy tales and folk stories as you journey from one to ten and back again.
Publisher : Templar Publishing
List Price: 9.99pounds
Selling Price : RM48.00
Code : TP06

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