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Famous Author : Helen Cooper

Helen Cooper was born in London in 1963. When she was two, she moved to a country town in Cumbria, in the north of England. She had a lot of time to write stories, draw pictures, play the piano and read.

She trained as a music teacher because that seemed sensible. She also played in a band, and got a day job painting posh china animals. In the evenings, she taught herself to illustrate, using books she found in the Carlisle Library.

After she had worked hard at illustration for two years, Kit and the Magic Kite was published in 1987. Helen soon moved to London, and went on to illustrate another fifteen picture books. She wrote most of them, too. They include The Bear Under the Stairs (a true story), The Baby Who Wouldn't Go to Bed, and Pumpkin Soup, winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal and short-listed for the Kurt Maschler Award.

She lives with her husband, Ted Dewan, who also writes and illustrates books. Ted is American, so they often visit America. They recently moved to Oxford with their small daughter, Pandora.

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