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My Beautiful Child (SOLD)

NEW Paperback Picture Book : My Beautiful Child by Lisa Desimini & Matt Mahurin
Reminiscent of a love song from a parent to a child, this concise text highlights some of the experiences of childhood. The wonders of the big blue sky, the green grass, and a perfect flower are followed by the sweetness of a strawberry, the tickle of rain on your face and the warmth of the sun. Additional sensory experiences include the strength of a cry, the brightness of a smile, and the smell of a spring day. The closing assures the child that the adult wants to show him or her everything, especially love. Large, luminescent illustrations fill the pages. Each painting features different children and adults. They are boys, girls, men, and women from a variety of nationalities and cultures. A quiet book for a parent to share with a child. 
Publisher : Scholastic
Selling Price : RM8.00
Code : SC35

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