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Can You Say Peace? (SOLD)

NEW Paperback  Picture Book: Can You Say Peace? by Karen Katz
In celebration of the United Nations International Day of Peace Karen Katz delivers another delightful foray into diversity. One side of each spread features a lively scene from a particular country, while opposite, a close-up portrait shows a child who wishes readers peace in his or her own language. The last few pages make the point that no matter where they live, all children want the same things, "to go to school, to walk in their towns and cities, to play outside-to share food with their families-and feel safe. No matter how we say it, we all want peace." The book closes with an outline world map with tiny images of the youngsters shown waving from their homelands, and a list of other words for peace. 
Created in collage and mixed media, the vivacious illustrations are filled with movement and energy. Katz's happy, round-faced characters and bold folk-art colors and patterns work beautifully to lighten up the message. A simple, buoyantly illustrated look at the wonderful variety of lifestyles across the globe and the similarities of children everywhere.
Publisher : Scholastic
Selling Price : RM20.00
Code : SC34

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