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The Emperor of Absurdia (SOLD)

NEW Hardback Picture Book : The Emperor of Absurdia by Chris Riddell
Smarties Book Prize Silver Award 2006 (0-5 years category)
This young emperor has clothing issues; the beginning sentences set the scene: "The Emperor of Absurdia was having the most extraordinary dream. All of a sudden he woke to the hoots of the sky fish nibbling the umbrella trees. He tumbled out of bed...into the arms of the Wardrobe Monster." He searches for his missing snuggly scarf-no luck. He's served breakfast in his high chair, then supper, then lunch-an egg that hatches a dragon! Hunting in his tricycle chair, he finds the baby dragon and mama dragon, who chases him through the pillow hills and under the umbrella trees back to the Wardrobe Monster, at which point he tumbles into bed.
Riddell's imaginative illustrations outshine the odd story line. Children will pore over the scales of the dragon, the flower-pod bed, and the droll blue sky fish. The pointy bird with his "pointy-sounding squawk" appears to be, grotesquely, all head and no body. Seuss-like in appearance, the exaggerated length of Wardrobe Monster's blue arms hold the boy emperor safe when he is dropped from the sky. Comparing the landscape from the front to the rear endpapers is another visual delight
Publisher : Harpercollins
List Price : USD$17.99
Selling Price : RM20.00
Code : HC43

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