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The Composer is Dead (SOLD)


NEW Hardback Picture Book & CD Set : The Composer is Dead by Lemony Snicket

The Composer is dead and his death was very suspicious. The Inspector (looking just a bit like dapper Hercule Poirot) is called in to find the murderer...or murderers. He begins by questioning all of the usual suspects—the strings, the brass, the woodwinds, and the percussion instruments. The violins are interrogated first, but they have an alibi. They were playing graceful melodies so the ladies and gentlemen could waltz around and around all night long. The cellos and basses were providing accompaniment and couldn't possibly be guilty. In fact, all of the instruments have very good alibis. "I'm utterly baffled," says the Inspector. "I've questioned all of the instruments in the orchestra, and none of them seems to be the murderer." But the fact remains—the Composer is dead. Could it be the work of one man? Perhaps the one with the little stick? Did he work alone or did he have an accomplice? And in the musical world, is a little occasional murder necessary if you want to hear the works of the world's greatest composers? 
This is a delightfully different introduction to the instruments of the orchestra. Includes a CD featuring the author's narration and the music of the composer (presumably alive and well) performed by the San Francisco Symphony.
Publisher : Harpercollins
List Price : USD$17.99
Selling Price :RM45.00
Code : HC27


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