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My Uncle is a Hunkle says Clarice Bean (SOLD)

NEW Paperback Picture book : My Uncle is a Hunkle says Clarice Bean by Lauren Child
Clarice Bean is back in a second riotous family saga. When Mum and Dad both have to go away on Important Business, there's nothing for it but to ask Uncle Ted to babysit. Uncle Ted is a fireman and says he has had lots of close shaves which is funny because he has a beard. Pretty soon chaos reigns as the guinea pig escapes, Grandad disappears and Minal Cricket gets his head stuck in the railings...An older picture book which will make you laugh out loud: Clarice Bean is a real heroine for the new millennium.
Publisher : Orchard Books
List Price : 5.99pounds
Selling Price : RM28.00
Code : OB07

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