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What Planet are you From Clarice Bean? (SOLD)

NEW Paperback Picture book : What Planet are you from Clarice Bean? by Lauren Child
Clarice Bean is back with a unique slant on gravity, relationships, and the environment. When the feisty girl (who thinks gravity is a pity) needs to come up with a science project for Mrs. Wilberton's class, she inadvertently becomes an ecowarrior, thanks to her adolescent brother. Kurt, as Clarice explains it, is too depressed to even chew his food when he learns that a neighborhood tree is to be chopped down. Novice protesters, he and a friend camp out beneath it. Clarice, her little brother Minal, and her friend Noah (who can draw anything except camels and horses) provide posters and join the older boys, attracting the local media. In the end, even stoic Mrs. Wilberton can't resist a slight smile when she hears of Clarice's involvement in the protest. 

Once again, Lauren Child hits the mark with her swirling, multi-font text and quirky, colorful illustrations that mirror her protagonist's astute observations. Each page is artfully designed with a mix of pencil-and-ink drawings and photo-collage. Clarice has a voice that children will identify with and delight in, making this a must for most collections. Ages 5-8
Publisher : Orchard Books
List Price : 5.99pounds
Selling Price : RM28.00
Code : OB06

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