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PN01 Twelve Dancing Princesses (SOLD)

NEW Hardback Picture Book : Twelve Dancing Princesses by Rachel Isadora
Rachel Isadora, who won a Caldecott Honor for Ben's Trumpet rescues the text with bright, crisp collages reminiscent of Eric Carle's work. Isadora uses ornate textiles as cultural symbols. Some dancers wear detailed, realistic renderings of African fabrics in a range of styles: yellow, blue and brown zigzags; delicate, interlocking purple diamonds; thin stripes in brown and black. Others wear bold gowns painted with thick, textured brushstrokes. Their radiant faces, often shown in perfect profile, have dramatic skin tones, complicated striations of brown, yellow, orange or black. Isadora's dynamic, crowded scenes, often mounted on simple white backgrounds, spill over the edges of each two-page spread. Even a quiet illustration of the soldier resting alone in his room seems larger than life, as if we are lying right next to him.
Publisher : Putnam
List Price : USD$16.99
Selling Price : RM34.00
Code : PN01

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