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AD02 Rosie's Walk (SOLD)

NEW Paperback Picture Book : Rosie's Walk by Pat Hutchins
Rosie's Walk is a book about a cute little hen who goes on a walk across the farm she lives on. It is such a simple story - the entire book is just one long sentence. Reading the story, there seems to be just one character, so the book is very easy to follow. However, what is fun about this book is the story that is being told in the illustrations. Though he is never mentioned in the story, the pictures introduce a new character to the book: a sly fox who wants to eat little Rosie for lunch. He follows Rosie as she walks across the yard, around the pond, over the haystack, past the mill, through the fence, under the beehives, and finally back home for dinner. Teachers can use this book to show young learners that they have to not only use their ears but also their eyes to understand the full story.
Publisher : Aladdin Paperback
List Price : USD$6.99
Selling Price : RM27.00
Code : AD02

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