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Maisy's House & Garden Pop-up Play Set (SOLD)

NEW Maisy's House & Garden Pop-up Play Set by Lucy Cousins

Play inside Maisy's house and garden! A spectacular carousel book opens out to an interactive 3-D setting that kids will want to visit again and again.
Welcome to Maisy's place, where the famous mouse is waiting to be found (in the shower, of all places!) and ready to start her busy day. Just open out the covers of this enticing play set, tie the ribbon closures, and spend some quality time with Maisy and friends — then handily tuck everything back inside when playtime is done. There's so much for Maisy and her friends to do : dressing, dancing, picnic, riding a trike, gardening, playing hide & seek, tidying up, having a bath....and finally going to bed. This book offers endless scope for imaginative play.
Included in Maisy's House and Garden:
* A two-story 3-D house with attached furniture and backyard garden
* A sturdy two-sided Maisy with movable arms
* 48 press-out pieces, including all Maisy's friends (Tallulah, Cyril & Charlie) plus press-out toys, tools, kitchen items, and more
* More than 15 Flaps and pull-tabs on doors, windows, and other surprising places
* A mini Maisy book with lots of fun play suggestions!
Publisher : Walker Books
List Price : 14.99pounds
Selling Price : RM55.00
Code : WK02

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