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Mog and the V.E.T. (SOLD)

NEW Softcover Picture Book : Mog and the V.E.T. by Judith Kerr
One day Mog was chasing a butterfly when something happened to her paw. It was very sore. So sore that she couldn't eat or sleep. 'She'll have to go to the vee ee tee,' said Mrs Thomas. (She said vee ee tee instead of vet so that Mog wouldn't understand.) But Mog hates going to the vet and before her paw can be made better, she causes great confusion in the vet's surgery! Judith Kerr's books about Mog, the loveable cat, have entertained children for more than twenty years and sold over two million copies.
Publisher : Harpercollins
List Price : 5.99pounds
Selling Price : RM25.00
Code : HC09

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