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The Complete Thomas Story Library (SOLD)

NEW The Complete Thomas Story Library
This fabulous boxed set brings together all 50 stories, specially produced for a younger audience. Small fans of the world-famous engine will absolutely delight not only in their favourite stories from the past but also the most recent additions to the Sodor landscape.
Thomas, James, Donald and Douglas, Toby, Bulgy, Elizabeth, Cranky, Terence, Skarloey, Mavis, Percy, Bill and Ben, Sir Handel, Oliver, Bulstrode, Gordon, Edward, Duncan, Salty, Stepney, Duck, Henry, Harold, Peter Sam, Emily, Trevor, Bertie, Diesel, Daisy, Spencer, Arry and Bert, George, Jack, Rheneas, Annie and Clarabel, Fergus, Mighty Mac, Harvey, Rusty, Molly, Arthur, Caroline, Murdoch, Mighty Mac, Freddie, Rocky, Rosie, Dennis, Alfie and The Fat Controller! 
Publisher : Egmont
Retail price : 125pounds
Selling price : RM390
Code : EG29

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