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A Cautionary Tale JIM (SOLD)

NEW Hardback Picture Book : A Cautionary Tale JIM by Hillaire Belloc & Mini Grey
A treat for fans of ghastly gore and egregious endings.
“Contains a Dangerous Beast and a Miserable End,” states a warning on the cover. But if you are strong of heart and like your humor a little on the dark side, jump right into the brilliant collaboration of the Edwardian humorist Hilaire Belloc, dead for the past 57 years, and the very much alive Mini Grey. Grey's sly illustrations, clever type designs, amazing lift-the-flaps, and a roaring lion pop-up, not to mention her zoo map with hilarious Rules and Byelaws, make this edition of the classic cautionary tale a collectible to savor. Decidedly not a lift-the-flap for babies, it will lift the spirits of anyone with a well-developed sense of humor.
Publisher :  RBooks
List Price : 12.99pounds
Selling Price : RM50.00
Code :RB03

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