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Artful Words : Mary Engelbreit and the Illustrated Quote (SOLD)

NEW Hardback Book : Artful Words : Mary Engreit and the Illustrated Quote

"When I come across writing that really moves me and inspires me, my reaction is twofold. I want to share it with others and I want to draw something that is worthy of it. I love finding quotes that stop people¿that really make them think. And I love the idea that my work, combined with meaningful words, can provide comfort or inspiration to someone."
- Mary Engelbreit - from Artful Words
Mary Engelbreit has made it her life's work to transform everyday objects: teapots and cottage roses, into beautiful, sentimental icons. But what makes her art strike a chord with so many people worldwide is the substance behind the style. For Engelbreit, words and pictures have always gone together like the lyrics and melody of a great song.
Perhaps the most common question the wildly popular artist hears is, Where do you get your ideas? Her latest collection, Artful Words, collects the best of Engelbreit's signature artwork, complemented by quotations, adages, and sayings and sprinkled with Mary's commentary and reminiscences about what inspires her. 
Publisher : Andrew McMeel
List Price :USD$24.95
Selling Price : RM50.00

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