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We're Going on a Bear Hunt A Celebratory Pop-up Edition (SOLD)

NEW Hardcover Picture Book : We're Going on a Bear Hunt A Celebratory Pop-up Edition by Michael Rosen & illustrated by Helen Oxenbury
This celebratory pop-up edition book opens with a double page spread of the original art in black and white accompanied by the familiar words: "We're going on a bear hunt. We re going to catch a big one." The next spread, in full color with a large, four layer pop-up shows a father, his four children and a dog moving through very tall grass. On each side of the main pop-up there are tabs that, when pulled, move the characters through the grass. Alternating between black-and-white pages from the original version and new, action-filled color pages, the characters in the book make their way through tall grass, a river, thick mud, a dark forest, and a snowstorm, coming finally to a cave where they find a huge brown bear! Then, it is back through the snow, the forest, the mud, the river, the grass, into their house, up to their bed, under the covers, and they are never going on a bear hunt again! 
Publisher : Walker Books
List Price :14.99pounds
Selling Price :RM58.00
Code : WK60

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