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Spells (SOLD)

NEW Hardback Picture Book : Spells by Emily Gravett
What if you found a book of spells-but wished it were something else? This smiling green frog would prefer a book about boats, to spur his pirate imagination onto the seven seas, or about castles, to help him picture kissing a princess. Shredded paper makes an alluringly tactile ocean for Frog's pretend ship, built from this very book of spells.  One paper fragment offers the seductive "Spell to become a Handsome Prince." But how do you follow shredded directions? Horizontally split pages allow readers to concoct their own spell-combinations along with frog, with results traditional (snake, rabbit) or haphazard (fabbit, snird). 
Pencil, watercolors and sprinkled glitter supplement the collage. Finally, Frog-newly a tall prince-kisses a princess. Gravett's twist is more mischievous than truly dark, but make no assumptions about the power of a kiss!
Publisher: Macmillan
List Price : 10.99pounds
Selling Price : RM39.00
Code : MC24

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