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Great Art Attack Stuff with Neil Buchanan (SOLD)

NEW Hardback Book : Great Art Attack Stuff with Neil Buchanan
The award winning TV series Art Attack has inspired thousands of young artists to create weird and wonderful arty bits and pieces that doubtless adorn the walls and fridges of many a parent's home.
Neil Buchanan-presenter of the TV series-leaps into action with a pile of new and ingenious ideas for creating masterpieces using anything from the dull old pen and paper to the more versatile items that can be found in any home.
Included are hints and tips about what to look for when choosing materials, how to put them all together to produce a vast array of inventive, colourful and sometimes just downright clever items. It will give the kids hours of fun and their parents an opportunity to glow with pride as they show off their offspring's cunning and original ideas.
Perfect for would-be artists, and great for any child who just likes messing around with stuff they find in the house and turning it into a masterpiece, Great Art Attack Stuff is a must for lovers of the successful TV series, and will give hours of pleasure to any child who likes getting stuck into a really good project. Ages 6+
Publisher : Dorling Kindersley
List Price : 7.99pounds
Selling Price : RM28.00
Code : DK28

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