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Princess Baby Night-Night (SOLD)

NEW Hardback Picture Book : Princess Baby Night-Night by Karen Katz
As Princess is asked by her parents if she has accomplished various ready-for-bed tasks, she answers yes as she performs the tasks for her stuffed toys rather than herself! This book is targeted to young children who appreciate story repetition. Fortunately, many parents will find that reading this story over and over is a pleasure and is just the right length for a short sleepy-time event. The writing is large and many young school age readers should be able to read the story to younger siblings. The illustrations are colorful, simple, large, and attractive. Perhaps best might be the moment when parents discover that their child is imitating the good pre-sleeping skills exhibited by Princess
Publisher : Schwartz & Wade
List Price : USD$14.99
Selling Price : RM36.00 
Code : SW01

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