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Not Another Tea Party (SOLD)

NEW Hardback Picture Book : Not Another Tea Party by Mark Shulman & illustrated by Vincent Nguyen

Welcome to Hilary’s tea party but take note, this rude little girl has lots of rules to follow. Maybe that’s why no one except her stuffed animals, Mr. Big Arms and Stuffy Bear, stays very long. She’s just no fun. Now, Hilary’s come up with a great idea: she’s putting a handmade invitation at the corner bus stop in hopes of finding a new friend. A giant yet timid chameleon responds to the cookies and tea invite but will he run out the door when he finds out how bossy Hilary can be?
Children will enjoy pouring a cup of tea and curling up with this charming story, and finding out the answer. Mark Shulman and Vincent Nguyen have done it again: created a wonderfully imaginative picture book that’s full of wit and humor—and touching, too. 

Publisher : Sterling
List Price : USD$14.95
Selling Price : RM35.00
Code : STR01

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