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Ms Frizzle's Adventures : Imperial China (SOLD)

NEW Paperback Picture Book : Ms Frizzle's Adventures : Imperial China
Is it magic? Ms. Frizzle, Wanda, and Arnold simply duck under the dragon at the local Chinese New Year's parade, and they are mysteriously whisked back in time to ancient China! They arrive in a village where the farmers are in trouble. The Friz and friends vow to go to the capital to get the emperor's help. As they journey, they learn how silk is made, travel on the Grand Canal, and see the Great Wall under construction, but will they fulfill their mission to help the farmers? Cole and Degen relay a bounty of facts with charm and humor as they bring the majesty of imperial China to life.
Publisher: Scholastic
List Price :USD$6.99
Selling Price :RM18.00
Code : SC65

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