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Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland (SOLD)

NEW Hardback Picture Book : Walt Disney's Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carrol, Retold by Jon Scieszka & Pictures by Mary Blair
This lively retelling of Lewis Carroll's classic creates a delightful narrative framework for the stunning concept art that shaped the look of the Disney animated film. Imbued with Scieszka's unique brand of kid-captivating humor, the effervescent text presents a streamlined version of Alice's adventures that adheres closely to the plot of the movie. The first lines set the tone and immediately reel readers in: "Have you ever tried to listen to a long, boring schoolbook on a warm, lazy day? And have you ever wondered why anyone would make a book so boring? Then you are just like Alice."
Scieszka interjects amusing commentary throughout while successfully maintaining an appropriate once-upon-a-time mood. Blair's deep-hued paintings employ rich shades and dazzling color combinations to create a lush, almost impressionistic version of Wonderland. For the most part, the artwork unfolds as a logical visual narrative rather than seeming like a gallery of reproductions.
Publisher : Disney Press
List Price : USD$16.99
Selling Price : RM39.00
Code : DB20

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