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The Bamboo Cutter & The Moon Maiden (SOLD)

NEW Hardback Picture Book :The Bamboo Cutter & The Moon Maiden illustrated by Dilleen Marsh based on a translation by Teresa Peirce Williston
A tiny baby girl found in a bamboo stalk quickly grew into a beautiful young maiden. Her adopted father soon received five letters requesting her hand in marriage. The princess agreed to see the young men, but she did not really wish to leave her parents. She, therefore, set an impossible task for each of the potential suitors. The first prince, being very lazy, tried to pass off an ordinary stone bowl for the jeweled one he was sent to India to find. The cunning second prince hired jewelers to make a beautiful golden branch, which he then claimed came from the floating mountain of Horai. When the third prince found the robe made of fire rats, he mistakenly burned it and, due to his shame, disappeared forever. Another prince injured himself trying to retrieve a shell hidden in a swallow's nest. The last prince set out on a voyage to find the dragon jewel. He became so seasick during a storm that he refused to get back into a boat and remained on an island far from Japan for the rest of his life. The bamboo princess cared for her aging parents for many years. She returned to her true home on the moon after both of them died. Large brilliantly colored paintings fill most of the pages, enhancing this ancient tale of wisdom and compassion.
Publisher : Silverleaf Press
List Price : USD$16.95
Selling Price : RM38.00
Code :SVP01

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