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The Rabbit and The Turtle (SOLD)

NEW Paperback Storybook : The Rabbit and the Turtle by Eric Carle
The stories in this collection were published previously in Eric Carle's Treasury of Classic Stories for Children. This edition includes eleven of Aesop's fables, opening with the story of the lion who came to learn that even small creatures can do big deeds. In a version of the story of the hardworking ants and the grasshopper who frittered his summer away, the community of ants takes the grasshopper in most generously, making for a celebratory ending to the collection rather than the traditional demise of the grasshopper. 
The book is illustrated with Carle's trademark painted tissue paper collage, each story ending with the customary moral. The language of these retellings is simple and direct and designed to be accessible to today's young readers. The narratives convey a friendly  version of a classic storyteller's voice. Some of the stories have been gentled for a younger audience. Text and illustrations are on facing pages. An exploding frog, a jealous blackbird, a vain crow, and a clever lamb are just some of the characters in this collection of timeless stories retold by a much beloved author-illustrator.
Publisher : Scholastic
Selling Price : RM20.00
Code : SC58

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