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Yo! Yes? (SOLD)

NEW Paperback Picture Book : Yo! Yes? by Chris Raschka
Caldecott Honor 1993

An effective, unusual 34-word story of the beginnings of a friendship, accompanied by wild and wonderful illustrations. Against pastel backgrounds, in vibrant, colorful images, an African-American boy and a white boy meet on the street. "What's up?'' "Not much.'' "Why?'' "No fun.'' "Oh?'' "No friends.'' These one- and two-word exchanges on each spread lead to a tentative offer of friendship, sealed as both boys jump high in the air and yell "Yow!'' The succinct, rhythmic text and the strong cartoon-like watercolor-and-charcoal illustrations are perfect complements. 
The feelings of each child run the gamut from loneliness, curiosity, fear of rejection, and hopefulness to, finally, joy; the illustrations do a particularly fine job of limning each boy's emotions in very simple images on the oversized pages. With a beautifully balanced, economical style, the book illumines the peaks and pitfalls of getting acquainted, and puts in a good word for brotherhood as well. Amusing for story times, or for use in discussions of feelings, it is fun to read and look at, and appealing to the eye, ear, and heart
Publisher: Scholastic
Selling Price : RM15.00
Code : SC49

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