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Alice the Fairy (SOLD)

NEW Paperback Picture Book : Alice the Fairy by David Shannon

Alice believes she is a fairy-in-training. She is certain that when she becomes a permanent fairy she will be able to do all of the things real fairies do. For now, she must content herself with small-scale magic like changing her dad into a horse (so he can play horsey with her) and making herself disappear (turning off the light switch). Her fairy dust is sugar that, in her mind, changes her yucky oatmeal into yummy cake. Sometimes, though, her magic powers get her into trouble and the Duchess (mommy) locks her in the tower (her room).
In Alice the Fairy, David Shannon returns to the unsophisticated, childlike paintings that were so successful in No, David! and its sequels. Since this is told from a preschooler's point of view, the artwork is the perfect complement to the story. Alice is a typical preschooler who truly believes if she hides under a blanket, she has disappeared. It is this innocence that makes the story so believable and charming.
Publisher : Scholastic
Selling Price : RM18.00
Code : SC46

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