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Alfie and the Big Boys (SOLD)

NEW Paperback Picture Book : Alfie and the Big Boys by Shirley Hughes
Sweet preschooler Alfie returns, this time to admire the big boys who play on the other side of his school playground fence. Alfie and friend Bernard are fascinated by the playground antics of the big boys in Year One and wish they could join in on the fun. They particularly admire Ian, the leader of the big boys who directs the playground fun, but Ian has little interest in the small kids on the other side of the fence. Then, one Saturday morning, Alfie's mother brings him to the garden store and leaves him in the outdoor play place. Alfie is surprised to see Ian there, and he is even more surprised to see that Ian is making a fuss and crying for his mother. Ian recognizes Alfie from school, and the preschooler is able to comfort the older boy until Ian's mother arrives. During a subsequent play date, Alfie is surprised to see Ian spending time playing with little sister Annie Rose and her dolls. In the end though, all adjourn outside for "a great game together being big, tough boys!" 
Alfie is the perfect characterization of a preschool child, showing that Hughes quietly understands her subject well. Alfie is an appealing and realistic child who is accessible to young readers. The colorful line-drawn illustrations are beautifully simple as they capture the highs and lows of Alfie's story.
Publisher : Red Fox
List Price : 5.99pounds
Selling price : RM25.00
Code : RF06

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