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Fantastic Mr Fox (SOLD)

NEW Paperback Storybook : Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl

Down in the valley are three farms, each owned by a mean and nasty farmer. Mr Boggis keeps chickens, Mr Bunce keeps ducks and geese, and Mr Bean keeps thousands of turkeys in an orchard full of apple trees.
Imagine the temptation for Mr Fox, who goes out every evening to find food for Mrs Fox and and their family of four Small Foxes. However hard the farmers try, they just can't seem to stop Mr Fox stealing their livestock!
When Boggis, Bunce and Bean find the Foxes' hole, they are determined to dig them out with shovels and tractors. Surrounded by machinery, the family begins to starve until Mr Fox hatches his grand plan to defeat the farmers once and for all. To help carry it out he enlists the help of his friend Mr Badger...
Publisher : Puffin
List Price : USD$6.99
Selling Price : RM16.00
Code : PF25

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