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Bouncing Baby Board Book & CD Set (SOLD)

NEW Board Book & CD Set : Bouncing Baby
This pack is for sharing happy times with baby!
Includes a board book with lovely illustrations. The nursery rhyme CD includes Old King Cole & Three Blind Mice
Sound and rhyme is the perfect medium to stimulate your infant. Singing to your baby will encourage bonding whilst improving his or her memory, creative thinking and co-ordination.
Here are some tips for enjoying stories and rhymes with your child:
  • Use a softer and higher-pitched voice, as this is easier for the child to understand.
  • Make sure you include some physical interaction. Laughter and smiling is always important!
  • Give your child lots of praise and encouragement.
  • Repeating rhymes will comfort your child and help him or her learn new words
Publisher : Ladybird
List Price : 6.99pounds
Selling Price : RM26.00
Code : LB30

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