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The Tin Forest (SOLD)

NEW Hardback Picture Book : The Tin Forest by Helen Ward
A lonely old man, living in a small house amid a trash-strewn "wide, windswept place, near nowhere and close to forgotten," dreams of living in a colorful forest filled with animals, birds and flowers. One day, inspired by a broken, flower-like light fixture, he stops trying to clean up and begins to build a forest from the scrap around him. Magically, as it grows, he is joined by birds, which drop flower seeds, finally ending as his dream comes true.
This thought-provoking tale is simply told in poetic prose that encourages Anderson to create a surreal world, but one that enhances the message of a possible brighter future. The sensitively designed single and double pages of the visual narrative juxtapose the mechanical and the organic, presented on the cut-out jacket and cover as a mechanical forest in shades of gray challenged by a spiraling green vine and red flower. The grainy textures of the finely detailed illustrations soften the tints of color, making each scene an emotionally involving tableau; an inspiration for our troubled times.
Publisher : Penguin
List Price : USD$15.99
Selling Price : RM36.00 RM33.00
Code : PG09

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