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Famous Author : Molly Bang

Molly Bang was born in the US. She graduated from college in 1965 and after working in Japan, she returned to the states and studied Far Eastern Languages and Literatures, first at the University of Arizona and then at Harvard. She received Masters' degrees from both universities.

Molly Bang had always dreamy of writing and publishing her own children's books. Her first books were collections of folktales that she translated or collected, and then illustrated.

Her early books were just stories she enjoyed, mostly based on folktales. Once she became a mother, she became influenced by her daughter, Monika. It was because of her that she made Ten, Nine Eight, as well as Dawn, and When Sophie Gets Angry—Really, Really Angry (Caldecott Honor Book)

Picture This is the only book for adults that she had written now used in art schools around the country. The first part of Picture This builds, step-by-step, a single illustration from the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, showing how each additional piece makes the picture scarier, and again scarier. The rest of the book explains the structural principles that all artists use to make their pictures emotionally powerful.

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