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A Christmas Carol (SOLD)

NEW Hardcover Storybook : A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens & Quentin Blake
Dickens’s cautionary tale of an embittered, stingy old man learning to be a happier, more giving person thanks to the intervention of four ghosts has long been fodder for holiday collections. From its stark opening spread to the final one with its much more cheerful winter scene, this year’s version, illustrated in Helquist’s darkly comic style, is one of the best. Some of that credit must go to Greenhut, who provided the abridgement. Sacrificing none of Dickens’ rich language, this retelling reads beautifully. The artist uses watercolor, pencil, and pastel to create cinematic artwork that contains amusing details; additionally, there are a number of pen-and-ink vignettes that help set the scenes. A winning combination of sparkling prose and exciting art
Publisher : Anova Books
List Price :13.99pounds
Selling Price : RM59.00
Code : AV01

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