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The Wild Washerwomen (SOLD)

NEW Paperback Picture Book : The Wild Washerwomen by John Yeoman & Quentin Blake
Seven washerwomen are busy sunup to sundown sorting, soaking, soaping, pounding, rinsing, drying, and ironing clothes. One day, exhausted by the loads of filthy sheets, grubby hankies, horrid socks, grimy nightshirts, messy tablecloths, and ghastly towels, they rebel against the laundry owner, a mean little man named Mr. Balthazar Tight. Not only do they run away, but they go on a rampage, overturning market stalls, stealing from shops, and ringing church bells. All around the countryside, villages build watchtowers so that watchmen can warn with a shout, "Look out, the wild washerwomen are coming!" Then they approach a hut where seven woodcutters live. However, the woodcutters have prepared a prank and made themselves as filthy and ugly as possible. Remembering their origins, the washerwomen soak, squeeze, pound, rinse, and dry the woodcutters, who turn out to be handsome enough to marry. In the end, they all have "the time of their lives" washing clothes and cutting wood. Quentin Blake's illustrations are, as always, fetchingly eccentric.
Publisher : Andersen Press
List Price : 5.99pounds
Selling Price : RM25.00
Code : AP02

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