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ABC Disney (SOLD)

NEW Hardback Pop-Up Book : ABC Disney by Robert Sabuda
This anniversary edition of the 1998 version features a newly designed cover. Robert Sabuda brings his genius paper engineering, as well as his unique art style, to this fun romp through the ABC's. With each letter accompanied by an elaborate pop-up character, readers learn their ABC's with their favorite Disney friends: A for Ariel, C for Cinderella, P for Pinocchio, S for Snow White, to name a few.  A sequence of colorful, lift-up squares, each marked with a letter from A to Z, cleverly conceals the spring-loaded Disney crew: Hercules flexes mightily when you lift the H square, Iago flaps his wings, Jiminy Cricket tips his hat cheerily, and Kaa the python slithers beneath the K. Disney fans young and old will revel in this magnificent tribute to the characters loved the world round and Sabuda fans will welcome another classic from the pop-up master.
Publisher : Disney Press
List Price : USD$22.99
Selling Price : RM45.00
Code : DB17

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