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Famous Author : John Grogan

John Grogan  was born in Michigan, USA on March 20, 1957. Like just about every other dad in the neighborhood, his father worked with cars, as an engineer for General Motors. His mother was a full-time housewife, and proud of it.

Grogan graduated from the Central Michigan Univeristy with a  double major in journalism and English.
His first full-time writing job came immediately upon graduation in 1979 when he was hired as a police reporter for the small and lackluster Herald-Palladium in the Michigan harbor town of St. Joseph. In 1985, he won a fellowship into the Kiplinger Mid-Career Program in Public Affairs Reporting at Ohio State University. After earning his master's degree at OSU, he had the good fortune of landing a second fellowship, this time at the Poynter Institute for Media Studies in St. Petersburg, Florida.

He married his wife, Jenny and bought a little bungalow and brought home a wildly neurotic Labrador retriever. At the time he had no idea the loopy, attention-deficit dog would someday provide him the inspiration to fulfill a lifelong dream of writing a book. Nor that book, Marley & Me, would go on to become an international bestseller with some 5 million copies sold and be made into a motion picture.

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