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Sweet Hearts (SOLD)

NEW Paperback Picture book : Sweet Hearts by Jan Carr & Illustrated by Dorothy Donahue
A mischievous panda sneakily spreads some Valentine's Day cheer around his home. Peppy rhymes perfectly capture the young bear's glee as he scatters his homemade hearts throughout the house for his beloved family to discover.
Young readers will relish the young cub's ingenuity as he dreams up secret spots for his love tokens: the dog dish, the baby's crib, mom's robe, etc. After distributing his heartfelt bounty, his loving parents reward the would-be cupid with loving hugs.
Jan Carr's simple verses are just right for little ones:
"One heart on the bathroom mirror, / One heart in a shoe, / One heart by my mommy's mug / To tell her 'I love you!' " 
The inclusion of Valentine lore in the preface and instructions on how to create handcrafted valentines at the end serves to pique the interest of older tots. Dorothy Donohue's intricate collages offer a wealth of textures and colors to stimulate the eye. From the shaggy "fur" of the panda family's coats-comprised of rows of layered triangles-to the gaily decorated valentines, each spread offers an abundance of details for curious readers. Ages 2-6
Publisher : Scholastic
Selling Price : RM8.00
Code : SC13

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