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Pino and the Signora's Pasta (SOLD)


NEW Hardback Picture Book : Pino and the Signora's Pasta by Janet Pederson
The lucky strays of Rome dine on the Signora's pasta every night. One night, as his feline companions purr with satisfaction, Pino, a grande gatto, announces that he wants to taste something different. He skips the Signora's luscious meal and scampers through the streets of Rome, sampling fish from a fancy restaurant and pizza from a sidewalk café. Each time he is shooed away by angry servers and customers. After he trips a waiter carrying a platter, he samples the fare before he is sent into the cold, dark streets. Having tasted the finest cuisine, he realizes that nothing was served with affection. He recognizes a familiar fragrance, an aroma so sweet my tail and whiskers are curling! He returns to his street where the Signora has a bowl of pasta waiting for him.
Pedersen's text is bouncy and the humorous dialogue gives depth to the feline protagonist. Whimsical depictions of humans and cats enjoying delicious food set a beautiful stage. The lush mixed-media cartoons depict a soft Roman sunset that naturally darkens to night. Packed with flavor and amore, this delicious story should be shared with bambinos and their parents, along with a batch of fettuccine.
Publisher : Candlewick Press
List Price : USD$16.99
Selling Price : RM35.00
Code : CW03

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