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The Junior Thunder Lord (SOLD)

NEW Hardback Picture book: The Junior Thunder Lord by Laurence Yep & Robert Van Nutt

As a struggling student, Yue is helped by a friend who remarks, "Those at the top should help those at the bottom." Years later, as a merchant traveling far from his drought-stricken home, Yue generously buys a meal for Bear Face, a hungry, comically gauche stranger. Bear Face gratefully follows Yue everywhere, saving his life during a storm at sea and finally returning with him to Yue's parched village. Citing the proverb that began the story, Bear Face reveals his true identity--Junior Thunder Lord--and beckons the sky dragons to rain upon his friend's land. From then on, the "village always had all the rain it needed. And when it was pouring the hardest, Yue and his wife would go outside to wave up at their friend as he drove his storm clouds overhead."
Laurence Yep's spare, crisp language gracefully defers to the dynamic story line, and Van Nutt's striking illustrations. Using the smooth, round lines of caricature and a palette of deep jewel colors, Van Nutt evokes both modernity and antiquity -a fine balance for a seventeenth-century tale with a twentieth-century message. Ages 5-8
Publisher : Bridgewater Books
List Price : USD$15.95
Selling Price : RM30.00
Code : BW01

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