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Dora Goes to School (SOLD)

NEW Paperback Storybook : Dora the Explorer Dora goes to School
It is the first day of school, and Dora and her friend Boots are on their way when they discover their teacher has had a flat tire on her bike. She must get there before the students arrive, and Dora and Boots are going to help her. Dora offers to hold her supplies in her bookbag. They ask Map to tell them the quickest route. That route takes them by bus, train and condor through Letter Town (where the readers can locate the letters of the alphabet), and over Number Mountain (where they count to ten and back again).
As for the storyline, it is certainly an arduous journey considering the fact that Dora was going to walk to school. While it presents the idea of the first day of school, it does not present the activities that occur. Therefore, it will not provide assurance for a child's first day.
Publisher : Simon & Schuster
List price : 3.99pounds
Selling price : RM11.00
Code : SS12

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