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Open Wide! (SOLD)

NEW Paperback Picture book : Open Wide! by Tom Barber 
Comic, colorful, and reassuring, Open Wide! features a dentist every child will love. Sam doesn't like going to the dentist—not one little bit! Hiding under the dentist's chair, he is definitely not going to budge. But Dentist Murgatroyd has seen much trickier patients and knows just what to do. He amuses Sam with stories about all his other peculiar patients—like the hippo with a toothache and the crocodile with a whole mouth full of surprises! Before he knows it, Sam has forgotten all his fears! But he doesn't believe the dentist's stories . . . does he?
Publisher : Chrysalis Books
List price : 4.99pounds
Selling price : RM27.00
Code : CH01

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