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Postman Pat Great Dinosaur Hunt Book & DVD Set (SOLD)

NEW Hardback Storybook & DVD Set : Postman Pat Great Dinosaur Hunt
Julian, Meera, and the rest of the children are off on a dinosaur hunt! They've been learning all about pre-historic things in school and have discovered that dinosaurs once roamed the fields of Greendale. So, they set off in search of dino clues. First they find a dinosaur tooth - and then dinosaur drool! Could they really be dinosaurs in Greendale? To find out, head down to Jurassic Greendale and join in the Great Dinosaur Hunt in this new Postman Pat story adventure, complete with fantastic episode DVD.
Publisher : Simon Schuster
List Price : 9.99pounds
Selling Price : RM40.00
Code : SS05

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