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PD06 Happy Baby Colors (SOLD)

NEW Board Book : Happy Baby Colors

In this board book, each spread is devoted to a color and depicts at least five items in that color. For green, there is a frog, peas, a leaf, a pear, and a cute baby dressed in a green sweater holding a green block. The pattern is straightforward. The color runs across the top of the page with its name in black type. There are pictures of the colored items set on a square using a shade of the named color. The right-hand page depicts a baby dressed in, and often holding an object in, the same color family. After running through the main colors, the last pages show multi-colored and black and white objects. The final spread asks kids to match the color square with an object on the opposing page. Crisp photographs and lots of attractive items will appeal to young readers and provide plenty for child and caregiver to discuss
Publisher : Priddy Books
List Price : USD$4.95

Selling Price : RM15.00
Code : PD06

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