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Famous Author : Allan Ahlberg

Janet and Allan Ahlberg are the creators of many popular children's books, which regularly appear at the top of the 'most popular' lists for public libraries. Husband and wife, they worked together for 20 years until Janet died of cancer in 1994. Allan wrote the books, and Janet illustrated them.

Allan Ahlberg was born in 1938.  Janet (née Hall) was born in 1944. They married in 1969.
Their first three published books, in quick succession, were The Old Joke Book, The Vanishment of Thomas Tull and the popular Burglar Bill. In 1978, Janet won the Kate Greenaway Medal for illustrating Each Peach Pear Plum.

One of their most popular books, The Jolly Postman, has sold over 6 million copies. Along with the sequels, The Jolly Pocket Postman and The Jolly Christmas Postman, it made innovative use of envelopes to include letters, cards, games and a tiny book. It took 5 years to make, but after much discussion with the printers and publishers, The Jolly Postman was published in 1986. Janet Ahlberg won the Kate Greenaway Medal again for The Jolly Christmas Postman in 1991.

Working together, they produced many popular books for a range of ages. Some, such as Peepo! and The Baby's Catalogue are aimed at babies and toddlers. For older children, they wrote books such as Burglar Bill, Cops and Robbers, Funny Bones and the Happy Families series. Allan also wrote two books of verses, Heard it in the Playground and Please, Mrs Butler, which Janet illustrated, and more text-heavy books such as Woof!.

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