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HY01 The Hello, Goodbye Window (SOLD)


NEW Hardback Book : The Hello, Goodbye Window by Norton Juster and illustrated by Chris Rashcka

Child magazine's Best Children's Book Awards 2005 
Caldecott Medal Award 2006 

This sweet slice-of-life pays homage to a loving grandparent-grandchild relationship. A little girl describes the everyday magic of time spent with her grandparents, insightfully using the kitchen window as a reference point because "the kitchen is where Nanna and Poppy are most of the time." Through it they greet the day, look at the stars, and blow kisses when saying good-bye. 
Both the wonder-filled text and the loose, impressionistic paintings are endearingly childlike, communicating a profound respect for the young. (ages 4 to 6)

Publisher : Hyperion

List Price : USD$15.95
Selling Price : RM33.00
Code : HY01

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